Some people think it’s easy to choose the right eBay category, and often it is when selling
on eBay
. Sometimes, though, it might not be quite clear exactly what to choose as the

Why is it Even Important?

When not looking for something specific, most people tend to look for items by their
categories. If you don’t list in the right category or if you just gave up and listed it
with “Everything Else” your auctions will not be found.

Additionally, it is against eBay rules to list anything in the wrong category and eBay
reserves the right to remove auctions that are categorized incorrectly. While they don’t
often actually do this, it’s not worth the risk. eBay could penalize your account for
breaking the rules up to and including losing PowerSeller status.

So What Can You Do?

If you type in a description on the category selection page and click ‘search,’ eBay will
suggest categories for you. You should type in exactly what your item is, including brand
name and model number, so eBay can suggest the best category.

Or you can search for items like yours, paying close attention to which category they are
in (the category is near the top of each items’ description page). Try different words and
see which ones come back with the most results. Or perhaps it would help to browse through
all the available categories from eBay’s front page when selling on eBay.

There Are Categories and Sub-Categories?

Keep in mind: the more specific the category, the better. Use as many subcategories as are
appropriate. Don’t just list your HP laptop in the ‘Computers’ category. For example, list
it in ‘Computers > Laptops > HP’. Your item will still appear in the ‘Computers’ category,
as well as ‘Computers > Laptops > HP,’ because items listed in subcategories are always
listed in every category above.

When selling on eBay, take some time to look through all the categories and get familiar
with the way eBay as a whole is laid out. After all, that’s better than getting a few
months down the line and finding that you still think of eBay’s category system like it’s
some kind of scary jungle.

What if  More Than One Category Fits?

eBay has you covered so don’t worry. For a small extra fee, you can list your item in an
extra category. This will increase the number of potential buyers who will see your item.
This isn’t always worth it, though, as some items only really fit properly in one category,
and listing them in extra categories is a waste.

Once you know which category to list your item in when selling on eBay, the next step is to
write your auction’s title. The title is the most important thing about your auction. The
difference between a good title and a bad title can be the difference between $10 and $100.

That’s why I’ll take you through the dos and don’ts in the next post.

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