eBay Learning Blog is fun-blog of Kathy Williams.  She is a grandmother from Texas who has studied internet marketing rather extensively.  She enjoys cruising the internet, fun times with good friends and family, and her Chihuahua, Mollie.

Kat created this blog to chronicle her learning snippets about eBay.  Her newsletter,  which covers additional specific topics (and an occasional offer), was prepared by an eBay power seller.  Kat has added her own special touch.  Please join her newsletter and you will receive “Mining Gold from eBay,” a quick read that gives an overview of everything including what eBay is and does to record keeping tips for eBay sellers.

For additional articles, see my website at:  http://kat-recommends.com/eBayLearning

I also have just started publishing on EzineArticles.com.

Please leave your comments, good or bad.  Let me know when I’m wrong about something, please.  My email klwms59@yahoo.com if you would rather email me.

Here’s to good information and posts and our future,

Kathy (or Kat) Williams

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